The nutritional tips, meal plans, activity suggestions and dietary guidelines you find on the USAF FitFamily site are designed
to encourage all members of the Air Force family to make healthy eating choices and Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit Together!

You will enjoy the Air Force FitFamily website’s health and fitness articles, recipes, resources and strategies for ways that
families can be active together. Look for occasional contests that we sponsor and learn about our weight loss program. You
are encouraged to submit healthy recipes and post ideas on how to stay fit as a family.

Join the thousands of FitFamily members who want to lead an active lifestyle and make
healthy choices. The Air Force FitFamily program is open to:

•    All active duty, Reserve and Guard members
•    DoD and civilian families
•    Retired military members
•    Honorably discharged veterans with 100% service connected disability
•    Former or surviving military spouses and their family members

Earn points with Goal Tracker
Families can register as a team on GoalTracker, where you’ll earn points and achieve levels for participating in family fun activities, sports and fitness events, as well as making healthy cooking and eating selections. Each of the five FitFamily levels provides recognition to inspire families to continue on the path of wellness, such as awarding certificates of achievement. Bases are encouraged to supplement incentives with rewards such as nominating the FitFamily of the Month/Quarter, providing prime parking spaces, offering AAFES coupons or sending a congratulatory letter from the Wing Commander. 

Living Fit offers a customized weight loss program

This program helps participants reach weight loss goals through proper nutrition and balanced activity. Set personalized weight loss goals and take advantage of the tools and advice provided about achieving these goals. Losing weight while eating right could not be easier!

Feature stories are personalized for your interests

Families can register to receive updates and articles in areas of their selected interests, including:

•    Family Sports
•    Fitness
•    Nutrition
•    Health
•    AF Family Fun
•    Childhood Obesity
•    Articles are also archived on the site for easy reference

Fun and informative additional health-related topics you’ll find include:

•    Fitness Tips
•    Health Quiz
•    Healthy Recipes
•    Helpful Links
•    Health and Fitness Calendar
•    Latest News