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Avoid Tendonitis Tenderness

One of the most common problems associated with working out is a swelling or inflammation of the tendons in the knees, shoulders, elbows and wrists. When you take steps to prevent the overstressing of your tendons and muscles, you can avoid the need for NSAIDs and exercise downtime.

Start any new workout routine slowly and with less intensity. It’s common sense – your tendons and muscles are used to the activity and can become irritated. 
  • Warm up properly before you begin too, getting your muscles used to moving and more flexible. 
  • Equally as important is to cool down by stretching after exercising – especially after a new routine. Not only will you gently reduce your heart rate, you’ll loosen the muscles tissues after they’ve been engaged in intense work, and reduce your risk of inflammation. 
  • Focus on gentle stretches to your calves, thighs, quads, back – whatever muscles you exercised most. Quad and hamstring stretches will help prevent tendonitis in the knee.
  • Stretch your arms and shoulders, even after a primarily lower-torso workout such as running or biking. It’s amazing how much work our arms and shoulders do to keep us stabilized – so don’t forget they need attention too. 
  • Shoulder stretch: Extend one arm straight in front of you with the wrist bent and fingertips pointed towards the ceiling with palms facing away. Move your arm out to your side. Push your palm into a wall and twist your torso away from the wall. You’ll feel the stretch through your forearm, bicep, and shoulder. Repeat on the other side. 
  • Stretch the other side of the shoulder muscle to balance the benefit. Extend a straight arm across your body and hug it towards you with the other arm. Switch and repeat. 
  • If you’ve lifted weights or gripped any equipment, stretch your wrist extensors too. 
  • Extend an arm straight ahead, with your palm facing the floor. Bend your wrist up and gently pull your fingers towards your body. Hold for a few seconds, release, and switch arms.
  • Reverse the stretch by facing your palm upward and pulling your fingers down.

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