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Fabulous Fitness Gifts

How many more socks does someone need? If they’re someone who works out often – a lot! This year, give gifts that mean “I support your drive for health.”

Sure, it’s easy to give a gift card and let those on your gift list do their own shopping. But why not send a strong message that cheers on your friends and family, encouraging them to stay on track with their workout in the coming year.

Then again, these are also great ideas for what to put on YOUR wish list too!

  • New, colorful kettle ball sets in a variety of weights help stabilize the core while they do lunges, squats and more.
  • A clean new fitness mat makes floor work – including yoga – a lot more pleasurable all year long. Look for kits complete with a resistance band and an exercise ball while you’re at it.
  • Or how about a set of resistance bands in a range of levels. These kits are great for someone who travels too, because they’re compact enough to pack easily and be used anywhere.
  • Fitness trackers – like the Fitbit – will keep them motivated as they see their progress. Or a heart-rate monitor to track the intensity of their workout.
  • New fitness clothing trends include “green” materials like soy, coconut bark and bamboo woven into the threads to help wick away moisture. You know they look as cool as they are smart.
  • Spring for seven pairs of sports socks – a fresh pair for every day of the week!
  • Bag them a new gym bag.
  • Buy healthy snacks in bulk and make mini-snacks for them to take with them on their bike ride or marathon runs.
  • Replace their current earbuds with new volume-limited earbuds that can help save their hearing.
  • Just Dance/Just Sweat and other active video games.
  • Backpack that carries water for hands-free hydration.

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