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Family Nutrition

Warm Up to Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

If you think frozen produce isn’t any good, let it go. Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked at the height of their nutritional value, store well for months at a time and are super convenient. If you’re struggling to put enough fruits and vegetables on your family’s table, open the freezer case doors and invite healthier foods in.

Fresh fruits and vegetables in your grocer’s produce aisles were most likely picked before their peak of ripeness, so they experience minimal damage as they take the long trek to the store. That means they look better when they arrive, but aren’t as nutrient-rich as they could be if picked at a later date. And the storage process reduces their vitamin content too.

Frozen produce is picked at its peak, then blanched in boiling water to kill enzymes that would otherwise break down the fresh fruit or veggie. Unlike boiling or frying, blanching diminishes just a minimal amount of water-soluble vitamins, mainly B and C, from the produce, but overall, the nutrition is locked in during the freezing process. This also locks in much of the flavor too.

The convenience factor of frozen is a major reason to reach into the freezer. Someone else has done the washing, peeling, husking, pitting and seeding, and all you have to do is open the package and cook it gently. You’ve saved time, and will soon enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of someone else’s labor as your family digs into a nutritious meal.  

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