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Family Fitness

Five Fun Fitness Activities For All Ages

The best way to incorporate exercise into your routine is to make it fun so you are more likely to stick to it. Even better – involve the entire family!

1. Roller skating
You can go to a roller rink and rent skates, or skate outside if you own skates. This is great cardio for adults (a 150 pound woman can burn 450 calories in an hour) and great fun for kids as they learn some inline skating tricks. But watch out for sticks on the sidewalk!

2. Dancing
All you really need is music so crank up those tunes and let your inner star out. Go out to a club and dance, take a community class in ballroom dancing or dance in the privacy of your own home and dance like no one is watching!

3. Trampolining
Most people don’t have their own trampoline, however there are trampoline parks opening up across the U.S. Try straight jumps, seat drops, pike jumps, hands-and-knees drops or jumping jacks for a full body workout. Or just have fun!

4. Yoga.
If you’ve never tried yoga, now is the time to see what you’ve been missing. You can practice yoga at home, or in a class with others if you need motivation or instruction. Yoga is great for flexibility, strength training and stress reduction. Try it. You might be the next yoga fan.

5. Outdoor cycling
Cycling is one of the best exercises for people of all ages. Bike paths are opening up nationwide. Whether you’re biking on a trail, or mountain biking for thrills, cycling is a workout that is easy on your knees and hard to resist. But don’t forget your helmet!

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