The conventional wisdom is now saying that it is better to eat several small meals per day – than to eat three “square” meals. Recipes abound for tasty and healthy meals – but what about those three snacks per day? By keeping a few items on hand in your cupboards, fridge or lunchbox, you can make sure those snacks are healthy and don’t become mini-meals. We’ve got 100 calories super snack ideas that will help your healthy eating plan stay on track in 2016.


Having good food on hand is sometimes half the battle when you’re trying to eat right. We’ve got a list of our top ten 100 calorie snacks that keep the calories down and provide the protein and nutrients you need.

  • Greek yogurt with blueberries. Half cup of low-fat plain Greek yogurt with one-third cup of blueberries is about 95 calories. The yogurt contains vital nutrients, probiotics and whey protein. Tip: don’t drain the liquid on the top of the yogurt because that is where the whey protein lives. Mix it in instead.
  • Hummus and raw veggies. If your veggies are pre-cut (by the grocer or by you), then this is a quick option. Hummus contains Omega-3 fatty acids linked to fat loss and weight management.  The veggies add essential nutrients and fiber all vital for heart health and reduced risk of disease.  Two tablespoons of hummus and one cup of raw veggies add up to 100 calories.
  • Hard boiled eggs. What could be easier? They are rich in quality protein, B vitamins and choline. One egg is about 75 calories.
  • Whole grain toast with almond butter. A 100 calorie serving size is one slice of whole grain bread when topped with a half tablespoon almond butter.
  • Raw nuts. This is another super easy snack. Nuts like pistachios and almonds supply healthy fats and fiber linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and successful long-term weight loss.  About 13 raw almonds make a 75 calorie serving.
  • Whole grain toast with avocado. Instead of putting butter on your toast, substitute one-quarter avocado. The whole grains in the toast are a great source of fiber.  The avocado is full of unsaturated healthy fats, additional fiber and essential vitamins to promote good cholesterol and weight loss. Win-win at 100 calories.
  • Fresh fruit. You knew this would be on the list. Fruit is quick, easy, and a great low-calorie snack anytime.  Apples are high in fiber and probably one of the best grab and go snacks around, coming in well under 100 calories.
  • Green protein smoothie. This isn’t quite as fast as the other options, although you should put this in the 100-calories snack rotation. Combine half cup unsweetened almond milk, half of a sliced apple or one-fourth of a banana, a quarter cup kale or spinach, and one quarter scoop of whey powder in a blender and mix for a 100 calorie powerhouse drink full of essential nutrients.
  • Peanut butter on celery. Anything with peanut butter is a winner as far as we are concerned.  Peanut butter is a sports superfood full of protein, healthy fats and fiber.  One tablespoon on a long stalk of celery will keep the calories at 100 and keep you satisfied for hours.
  • Oats/oatmeal. We’re not talking about the ready-to-eat oatmeal packets but the oats you cook on the stove. Oats are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Cook one-quarter cup of dry oats and add one-quarter cup of berries or sliced banana for a fulfilling 100 calorie snack.


A good time for a snack, rather than a meal, is before your workout. Several of the 100 calorie snacks are also good for a pre-workout energy boost.  Remember to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. Here are a few ideas for your pre-workout nutrition.
  • Fat-free plain Greek yogurt. For some healthy kick before your workout, make sure you add some fruit or a few almonds.
  • Banana. A medium-sized banana has just about 100 calories, 27 grams of carbohydrates and almost no fat. And they’re so portable!
  • DIY smoothie. Try making your own smoothie with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, unsweetened frozen fruit, no-calorie sweetener, fat-free Greek yogurt and whey protein.
  • Oatmeal. It’s not just for breakfast any more.
  • Snack bars with protein. Be careful when you use this option. You want a bar with less than 200 calories, containing added protein and without significant fat and sugar. Some snack bars are candy bars in disguise so read the labels.
  • Apple with light cheese. Have you tried the wheels of Mini Babybel cheese? Pair a light cheese with an apple and you’ve got enough calories and carbs to keep your energy up, plus protein and extra flavor.


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