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Tracking Activities – Attracting Weight Loss

The physical activities we engage in not only promote good health; they are a critical element in losing weight. If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, start tracking your activities to keep yourself accountable, motivated and involve others in your healthy weight goal.

Here are the ins-and-outs of tracking your fitness activities:
  • FitFamily Goal Tracker. FREE to members. Register as an individual or as a family. USAF FitFamily recognizes members for their outstanding effort to get up, get out and get fit—together!
  • Smart phone apps. Try MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper or Sparkpeople. These apps are FREE or inexpensive. And they work if you use them!
  • Activity trackers. Researchers at Iowa State University tested some popular activity monitors for accuracy (error range) compared to a portable metabolic analyzer. Here are the results beginning with the most accurate (drum roll, please):
  • BodyMedia FIT: The most accurate armband activity monitor with an error rate of just 9.3%
  • Fitbit Zip: Waistband or pocket carried; error rate within 10.1%
  • Fitbit One: Waistband or pocket carried; error rate within 10.4%
  • Jawbone UP: Wristband error rate of 12.2%
  • Actigraph: Wristband or waist belt; accurate to within 12.6%
  • DirectLife: Pocket carried or worn on a necklace; error rate within 12.8%
  • Nike FuelBand: Wristband; accurate to within 13%
  • Basis B1 Band: A health tracker watch with sensors; error rate of 23.5%.
Activity trackers range from about $50 (Fitbit ZIP) to about $150 (Nike FuelBand). They have different features so check to see which ones you really need.
Whichever method you use, or even if you use more than one, the key is to get moving and keep moving. It’s a new year after all!

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