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Golf: A Clear Shot at a Lifelong Love

Mark Twain said “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” At FitFamily, we like to think of it as a good walk – any way you slice it – and a great way to spend time outside with the family. Golf teaches everyone who plays it valuable lessons, from humility to geometry, and can easily become a lifelong passion that encourages us to do our best despite unforeseen hazards.

Golf knows no age limits and isn’t necessarily an expensive activity. You don’t have to be in top physical shape to play and you can play at your own pace (within reason), with friends or even play alone. That adds up to an ideal sport for every member of the family. Think of golf as an investment in family fun now and a healthy pastime for your children’s future.

Tee it up
•  Call municipal or military courses and ask about times when the course is
   relatively empty so you won’t feel rushed by anxious groups behind you; let
   anyone play through who wants to
•  Rent clubs until you know what you like, and rent junior clubs until your kids
   have stopped growing and you’re sure they like the sport
•  Rent a wheeling cart, not a riding cart. That will give you walking and talking
   time between holes and a better feel for the terrain
•  Investigate free lessons for your kids and tag along while they learn. If you
   don’t need instruction, spend that time working on your short game or using
   the driving range
•  Make your first several games together 9-hole games; once you’re comfortable,
   move to a full 18-hole round

Scramble it
•  Pair up your family into two-person teams
•  At the tee boxes, each partner drives their ball
•  Choose the most favorable ball position from the two drives
•  Both players then play from that location, taking the best lie
   after each shot, for as many shots as it takes to reach the green
•  When your team reaches the green, use the same process to
   hole the ball
•  Keep just one scorecard for each two-person team

Encourage it
•  Cheer on your kids as you play; after all it’s a game and
   the goal is family fun
•  Sure golf can be a frustrating game – but this is an
   opportunity to teach your children positive ways to
   master challenges
•  If your children enjoy the sport, encourage them to play
   with friends or join the golf team at school or in the community

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