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Squeezing In More

No, we’re not saying you should wear tighter clothes!  Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze a full workout into an already full schedule. We have some simple ideas on staying fit in a busy world.

A number of studies show that mini-workouts throughout the day can help you stay in shape and burn enough calories to maintain or lose weight. In fact, research has shown that short bouts of exercise, as few as three 10-minute sessions, are just as effective as lengthy ones – as long as the total cumulative workout time and intensity level are comparable.

Do as many of these exercises as you can squeeze in, working a minute each, then repeat any of them for another minute.

Jumping Jack
Stand with feet together, then jump, separating legs and raising arms overhead. Land with feet hip-width apart, then jump feet back together and lower arms.

Stair Run
Run up a flight of stairs, pumping your arms, then walk down. Vary by taking two stairs at a time.

Jump Rope
Do a basic boxer’s shuffle or two-footed jump. Stay on the balls of your feet, not jumping too high off the ground, with elbows by your sides.

Squat Jump
Stand with feet hip-width apart. Bend knees and lower hips into a squat. Jump in air and straighten legs, lifting arms upward. Land softly, lowering arms.

Split Jump
Stand in a split stance, one foot a long stride in front of the other, then bend knees and jump, switching legs to land and pumping arms in opposition to legs. Alternate legs.

Step up on a curb, stair, or sturdy bench with one foot, then the other, then down one at a time; repeat.

Hamstring Curl
Standing tall, step sideways with right foot, then bring left heel toward buttocks; pull elbows in to sides. Alternate sides.

Jog in Place
Jog in place, lifting knees up; swing arms naturally in opposition. Land softly, ball of foot to heel.

Side-to-side Leap
Place any long, thin object (such as a broom) on floor. Leap sideways over object, landing with feet together.

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