Jump Start Your Activity

Winter begins on December 21st and a brand-new year is right around the corner. Did you make last year’s fitness goals? If not, you can jump start your activity for the new year by creating your own personalized bucket list.

Activity Bucket List

One good way to reach a goal is to make that goal fun and audacious in some way. If the goal is fun you may be more likely to reach that goal. We have a bucket list of activity goals to get you started.

  • Balance on one leg for eight seconds with your eyes closed. Balance keeps you stable as you age, so setting a goal to keep your balance makes it less likely you’ll have problems later in life. Start slowly by holding onto a doorjamb and then gradually let go and increase time.
  • Climb a 14,000-foot mountain. Mountain climbing doesn’t always mean pitons and expensive equipment. Sometimes all you need is a great pair of boots. There are a host of “hikeable” mountain peaks within the U.S.
  • Conquer your childhood activity. If you are the person who never mastered a handstand, headstand, or cartwheel – then this should be on your bucket list.
  • Conquer your hardest exercise. For many people this means doing pull ups. A true pull up involves pulling yourself up -- palms facing away from you -- while hanging from a stationary bar. Pull-ups are one of the most effective ways to increase size and strengthen your back muscles and core. If your most difficult activity is the push-up or jumping rope – then do that. Pick one exercise and conquer it.
  • Do a long-distance bike tour. A long-distance tour can be as little as 300 miles, or as much as 1,000 miles. There are many options including organized rides for charities, organized rides for fun, formal bike tours, or free bike rides with friends. Before you start out, you will need to train.
  • Enter a triathlon. You don’t have to finish first – you just need to finish.
  • Entry your name in a race. It could be a 5K if you’re sedentary, or a 10k if you’re active or a marathon if you’ve never done one. Pick a race and sign up. Let your friends know you’re doing it so you are accountable.
  • Hold a forearm plank for three minutes. If you add a little time each day, you can do this. It’s a great core exercise. Start with your forearms and knees and then build up to forearms and feet.
  • Master an advanced yoga pose. Try crow (bakasana) for upper-body strength, balance, core strength and hip flexibility.
Winter doesn’t have to be doom and gloom time. Make yours successful and remarkable by creating your activity bucket list.


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