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Family Sports & Fitness

Dribble and Dunk

Basketball skills drills run up fun and fitness at every age.

Improve balance, coordination, and endurance with these cooperative and competitive basketball skill-building activities, even if you never play on a team. Teens: Think you’re at the top of your game? Coach and demonstrate for less accomplished players (even your parents!).

Speed Dribble
Everyone holds a basketball on one side of the court
Place a cone opposite each player on the other side of the court
Blow the whistle and everyone starts dribbling as fast as possible to the other side of the court 

Remind players
Keep heads up
•  Look at the cone on the other side
•  Keep control of the ball
•  Stay in balance

Each player counts the number of dribbles it took to reach the other side
Repeat the drill
•  Reduce the amount of dribbles by one each time

Line the players up at the free-throw line
Each of the first two players gets a basketball
Blow the whistle to start the game
The first person shoots a free throw
If he misses, he retrieves the rebound and shoots a lay-up
The second person shoots after the first person’s hit or miss
To knock out a player, successfully make a free throw before the other person’s second shot
Pass your ball to the next person in line after you make a free throw or are knocked out.

King of the Court
Start all players on one half of the court
Everyone starts dribbling inside the half-court line toward the basket
Eliminate other players by touching their ball or making them lose control of their dribble
Make the dribbling area smaller as players are eliminated

Teens Take Over
Teach the proper stance to old and young so everyone can make a free-throw shot
Replace tired players with a gentle tag to let them know to sit out a round 

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