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Ring in the New Year with Kettlebells

A workout with a kettlebell -- a cast iron ball with a handle – is a hot new trend in burning calories, and it’s good for almost every age.

Target almost every aspect of fitness – cardio endurance, strength, balance, agility and overall endurance – with just one challenging, efficient piece of equipment.

What is a kettlebell?
•  A cast iron ball with a handle
•  Weights range from 2 – 50 pounds

How is it different from barbell training?
Kettlebell workouts use center-of-gravity shifts during the course of the exercise
Your core stabilizer muscles have to work harder
The unique shape allows you to transition from one exercise to the next without putting it down or pausing
The movement should be slow and controlled but fluid
Swinging the kettlebell works muscles in a way that weight machines and barbells can’t
Swings reinforce and create power through the core and hips

How effective is the workout?
A vigorous workout with a kettlebell can burn nearly 300 calories in just 20 minutes

Factor in the calories burned after you exercise as your body repairs its muscle fibers and you’re up to 600 calories for a 20 minute workout!

How do I get started?
Start by learning the moves without a kettlebell, and then add the weight
Form is critical to prevent injury, so it’s a good idea to get a trainer to show you how to properly use them
Watch a video online or go to a gym for instruction

Kettlebells vary in weight from 2 to 50 pounds
Some models come in adjustable weights 

Basic moves include
Around the body pass
Bent-over row
Dead lift
Figure 8

Are kettlebell really fit for the whole family?
Children as young as 3 years old can practice correct form with lightweight kettlebells, increasing balance, stability, and strength.

Have little ones:
Pick them up and put them down
Walk with them

Kettlebell training is ideal for special needs kids with conditions that affect focus and concentration

Sports-oriented teens will see a difference too
Swings support many movements needed in sports
Swings also support training the full body

How much weight should we lift?
Children: 2 – 5 pounds
Pre-Teens: 5 – 10 pounds
Teens: 8 – 15 pounds
Women: 8 – 15 pounds
Men: 15 – 25 pounds

Where do I get them?
•  Most gyms
•  Most sporting goods stores
•  Available for purchase online

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