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Make a Run for it!

The world’s largest children’s running event, America’s Armed Forces Kids Run, is set for May 18. Are you prepared to run your own race?

Even if you’re not into competitive racing, you can still be a winner when you run for better health. Never been a runner?

Take steps to learn how to become one!
•   Follow this beginner training schedule and soon you’ll be signing up for 5K (about three mile) races! By easing into your running program gradually, you can be running three miles consistently in just two months. For more details,
•   find the full training schedule online. Here’s how it works:
•   Start with a walking and jogging program designed for a 9 week schedule that slowly intensifies
•   Each session should take about 20 or 30 minutes, three times a week
•   Space out your three days throughout the week to give yourself a chance to rest and recover between efforts
•   Begin each session with a light stretch and a five-minute warm-up walk or jog
•   Change the walk-to-jog ratio each week, adding more jogging time or distance each week
•   If you find the workouts are too strenuous, repeat weeks until you are ready to move on
•   Focus on gradually increasing the time or distance you run
•   Choose time or distance, whichever seems easiest for you to keep track of
•   Finish each session with a cool down walk and stretch

When you’re ready to go farther, train for a 10K
or go the distance and join 9,000 other runners in the Boston Marathon and run the full 26.2 miles – a 42.2K.

Kids and Teens: Keep up the Pace!
Are you training for America’s Armed Forces Kids Run at your base? You should be. After all, it’s the world’s largest children’s running event!  Get training tips, registration information and more online. Remember, at this event:
Younger kids will run only a half mile
7 & 8 year olds will run a 1 mile course
Kids older than 8 – and teens – will run 2 miles

Running isn’t your thing?
Why not volunteer to help at the event and be part of the excitement? Find out more at or check with your local Youth Programs to see how you can jump into the action at a base near you.

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