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The Fittest Father on the Block

Men’s Health magazine recently offered 10 standard tests for how they felt a man could assess his fitness level. Because June is “Men’s Health Month,” FitFamily wonders how you stack up to their ideal.

Teens, curious about your dad’s fitness abilities? Work with him as he takes this test – and test your own abilities right by his side. For training tips on meeting these lofty goals, visit the article at Men’

Gentlemen, can you:
•  Bench 1.5 times your body weight 
Shows you have optimal upper-body strength and will help keep your spine aligned.

 • Run 1.5 miles on a flat path in 10 minutes I
Indicates you’re working at your peak aerobic capacity. Regular aerobic exercise lowers your cholesterol and helps keep your body fat lower, significantly decreasing your risk of heart disease.

•  Touch the rim (or backboard) of a basketball hoop 
A strong, explosive vertical leap is a sign of lower-body power and speed.  

•  Leg-press 2¼ times your body weight 
Your leg and butt muscles are your body’s foundation of strength and essential for every activity you take on.

•  Swim 700 yards in 12 minutes 
Swimming requires both aerobic capacity and upper-body muscles. This is one of the toughest standards to reach for most Americans. 

•  Do 40 pushups in a row 
This upper-body test measures your endurance, which is your ability to use your strength over time.

•  Measure up  
Compare the circumferences at the narrowest point of your waist with the widest point of your hips/butt. Divide the waist number by the hip number. The ideal result is .081 or less. Your risk of heart disease grows with the amount of body fat you carry in your midsection.  

•  Run 300 yards in under one minute 
Measures your ability to sprint when you need it, and proves you are as agile as you are fit.

•  Sit and stretch to touch your toes
Flexible muscles keep you moving more effectively, reduce injuries and extend the reach of your strength.

•  Toss a basketball into to the net, while kneeling, from just behind the baseline 
Tests both your upper-body strength and speed ability with this one shot. 

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