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Fiber Filling

Two kinds of fiber keep our belly satisfied and our healthy scores happy.

Adding fiber to your diet can help you lose weight, promote regularity, and lower your cholesterol level because fiber fills you up and cleans you out. The two main types of fiber richness are soluble and insoluble, and because there is no single perfect high-fiber food that also contains every vitamin and mineral you need, choose fiber-richness from as many sources as possible.

Soluble Fiber
Binds with fatty acids (found in butter and many oils) to help lower cholesterol
Slows absorption of sugars so your body uses the sugars as energy instead of storing sugar as fat
Delicious sources of soluble fiber
•   Oatmeal
•   Oat bran
•   Nuts
•   Beans
•   Carrots
•   Lentils
•   Apples
•   Strawberries

Insoluble Fiber
Passes through your digestive system undigested and sweeps out toxins and waste along the way
Speeds up the passage of food, so less food is converted to fat
Top foods with insoluble fiber
•   Whole grains
•   Brown rice
•   Broccoli
•   Cabbage
•   Green beans
•   Dark leafy vegetables
•   Grapes

Get into the Fiber Routine
Start the day with fiber and feel full and healthy for hours
•   Jumpstart with colorful and tasty oatmeal with strawberries
•   Add cabbage and arugula to your lunchtime salad or sandwich
•   Snack on carrots and cashews for a boost of fiber and flavor mid-afternoon
•   A salad before dinner fills you up
•   Add lentils and beans to soups and stews
•   Try snacking on fruit and sunflower seeds in the evening to improve digestion and sweep out toxins
•   Moms, crunchy high-fiber foods keep the little ones happily munching toward healthy teeth, organs and bones

Kids are Natural Fiber Lovers
Teens: Get into the habit of eating a diet rich in fiber and low in total fat and you’ll be adding natural vitamins and minerals to your healthier world. Bonus? You’ll crave less junk food and empty calories when you feel full from high-fiber snacks.
Try packing crunchy snacks for all day fiber-filling nutrition:
Carrots and celery sticks with peanut butter don’t need to be refrigerated, so you can carry them with you or leave them in your locker
Pistachios and grapes are a great combo snack

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