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Winter Workouts: Get ‘er Done

1. Keep perspective:

If you’re finding it hard to squeeze in your workout, take a minute to remind yourself of what’s important and why you began this healthy journey in the first place. If you can’t do your full workout, break it into smaller pieces.
Teens: Don’t veg out in front of the tube during your break from school. Meet up with friends for a walk, go skateboarding, skiing, bowling, ice/roller skating or play a game of pickup basketball or football. Staying active will make the days at home fly by.

2. Schedule it:
Just like you schedule meetings, shopping, parties and airport runs to take/pickup family, put your workout on your calendar. Be sure you set a reminder so it doesn’t get away from you.

3. Make a backup plan:
If the weather’s too bad to drive to the gym or go out for a run, do pushups, planks, squats, crunches and other bodyweight exercises at home. Keep a workout DVD on hand if that’s what you prefer.

4. Do something active as often as possible:
If you’re traveling far from a gym, take a walk or jog. Squeeze in some morning ab work before you visit with family. Do a set of squats every time you get into and out of the car. Do lunges on the way from the car to the mall.
Teens: Taking the dog for regular walks is great exercise!

5. Focus on the goal:
Your life is about keeping your health in focus. You’re the only one who can help you reach that goal!

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