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Family Sports & Fitness

Be a Good Buddy

1. Show up and be on time.

Treat your workout time as you would any other meeting. Be clear when you’re setting up your appointments about what times work for you and what situations might change that. It’s one thing if something unexpected comes up now and then, or if you get ill, but don’t make it a habit to flake out. Not only will it hamper your progress, it will kill your partner’s motivation too.

2. Don’t rely on your partner to push you:
You are your own best motivator, so show up ready to work at your best and to encourage your workout buddy to do the same. That said, don’t push yourself or your partner to a point where either of you risks injury.

3. Set goals:
Take the lead or follow in making a goal for your plan: Either way, know what you want to accomplish with your workout, whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, or increasing your endurance. If it helps, and your partner is like-minded, mention that goal before or after every workout you share.

4. Face down boredom:
 If you see yourself getting bored or hitting a plateau, your partner might be facing the same issue. Suggest a new routine, a change in the plan, a new class or a new challenge.

5. Cut the chatter:
Sure, your workout buddy is good company, but focus the conversation on the tasks at hand – like correct form and counting reps. Save other topics for your warm-up or cool-down periods, or a healthy post-workout snack.

6. Don’t try to be funny:
Avoid commenting on how much your buddy weighs, how much they can lift or making jokes during exercise. Those distractions can cause you or your partner injury. And that’s no laughing matter.

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