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Diamond Drills at Home

Youths and teens (yes, adults too) on baseball and softball teams can lose their throwing edge during the off-season. And just as major-leaguers do, they risk being injured when spring training starts up. Buddy up with a parent, sibling or teammate to increase your arm strength before you hit the training diamond, and the season.

Run through these drills a few times a week to keep your throwing arm healthy all year long. Don’t overdo it at first – ease into rebuilding your strength.

  • Stand with legs shoulder-width apart. Place throwing arm up to a 90-degree angle and hold your elbow in place with a glove. Throw the ball to your partner using just your wrist.
  • Sit on the ground with your legs spread in front of you. Raise your arm to the same 90-degree position. Throw the ball using your arm from the elbow up. 
  • Remain seated. Throw the ball to your partner by rotating your hips and turning your upper torso.
  • Raise to one knee. Throw the ball the same way as in the previous exercise, this time emphasizing follow-through across your raised knee.
  • Stand shoulder-width apart with your glove arm directed at your partner. Throw the ball by rotating your hips and turning your upper torso, concentrating on follow-through, but without moving your feet.
  • Now add a “crow hop” to the throw, hopping forward on your front foot during the wind-up of your throw.
  • Stand about 10 feet from your partner and toss the ball back and forth as fast as you can for one minute. Focus on a quick release and on the accuracy of the ball hitting and leaving your glove.

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