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When to Skip Your Workout

If you know your body and take cues on what you can/can’t do, you’re on your way to becoming even stronger in the long term. Sometimes, that means you want to skip your workout.

Making lame excuses for not working out is not cool. But there are a few good reasons when it’s OK to say, “no, I’m not going today.”

1. If you’re sick, especially if you
•  Have a fever: Reserve your energy to fight your illness.
•  Have a nasty cough: Your increased heart rate and heavy breathing could just make it worse. And you don’t want to spread your germs around the gym, do you?
•  Are coming down with something and feel weak: Don’t make it worse by lowering your immune system through a high intensity workout. 

2. If your doctor said not to exercise.
It really is important to listen to professional medical advice. If your doctor tells you not to exercise, then listen up and comply. If you really feel your doctor is just being overly cautious, show him/her a list of your workout routines to see if you can agree on how to modify what you do to avoid injury. If the answer is still no, then simply follow that advice.

3. If you have overdone your workout the day before and are extremely sore.
This is a good call especially if your muscles are tender to the touch, it hurts to move and your range of motion is limited. Take it easy and only do low intensity exercises for a day or two. 

4. If you haven’t slept well for a while.
Get some sleep – not some caffeine and exercise – to get your energy back. If you work out while sleep-deprived you may be less coordinated, less able to concentrate, and more likely to hurt yourself. 

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