Is it possible to have a strong core without having six pack abs? Yes. Is it possible to have six pack abs without having a strong core? Yes. Wait! What? How does that work? We tell you how to get both – the six pack abs AND the strong core.


Six pack abs are the defined muscles that are visible on the abdomen. If someone is very slender – these abdominal muscles may be visible, even though there is no core strength behind them. Similarly, a person who is overweight can have a strong core and no visible abdominal muscles. The six pack is simply hiding behind a wall of fat.

To have six pack abs AND a strong core, you need a body-fat ratio of 10-12% if you are a man and 19-21% if you are a woman. Then those muscles will pop!


If you want to have well-defined ab muscles, you’ll need to work at it. In general, if you work with greater resistance and fewer repetitions. In addition, crunches tend to work the outer muscles (the ones that “show”) and planks tend to work the inner muscles (the ones that “work”).

Many fitness experts will tell you that 80% of a six-pack ab workout takes place in a kitchen. It’s what you put into your mouth.
For the other 20%, here is a workout routine that will help you build the inner and outer muscles that make up that six pack.

  • 60 seconds of jumping rope. You should jump rope for 60 second between each of the next core building exercises.
  • 60 seconds of a front plank. This works the inner muscles that are hard to reach. If you need to make it easier – place your knees on the ground instead of your feet, or your elbows instead of your hands. To make it harder - alternate lifting the right and then the left foot off the ground in a slow, steady motion.
  • 60 seconds of jumping rope.
  • 60 seconds of crossover ab crunches. These work the oblique muscles. Instead of alternating right and left knees – stay on one side only for 30 seconds and then the other side for the other 30 seconds. Make sure you are rotating your torso, and not your neck.
  • 60 seconds of jumping rope.
  • 60 seconds of a single leg bridge. This works the back side of your core. Hold one leg out for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg for the second 30 seconds. The key to this exercise is to make certain that your posterior doesn’t sag. Keep your spine straight – all the way to your outstretched foot.
  • 60 seconds of jumping rope.
  • 60 seconds of oblique twists. It’s good to hold something in your hands while you do this. A soccer ball, small hand weights or a jug of water would all work. Keep the oblique twists slow and steady.
  • 60 seconds of jumping rope.
  • 60 seconds of an ab hold. You can make this one easier by doing a half sit-up and holding that position, or you can make it harder by extending your legs out into a “v” position. The hard part will be holding it for 60 seconds.
  • 60 seconds of jumping rope.

And there you have it!


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