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Top 10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with the Kids

The most precious thing a family can give one another is time. A personal investment in your children is much more important to them than any toy, video game or electronic gadget. Here are some great, and sometimes creative, ways to get together with your kids in a positive way.

1.  Tell them a story
Younger children especially love stories. And it is a fun way for you to invest time in their lives. Find out how to become a great storyteller and enjoy making believe with your kids.

2. Plan a picnic
During the spring and summer time, kids love to be outdoors with their dad. Here are some great ideas about planning a family picnic—food, games and fun.

3. Take a vacation 
While it is great to hit the big amusement parks during summer vacation, families tend to spend more time apart than together in that kind of setting. Find out how you can plan an effective, positive and rewarding summer vacation and really be together.

4. Turn off the TV 
It is frightening how important the television has become in some families. Sitting together and watching TV is entertaining, and sometimes educational, but it doesn’t foster quality together time and interaction. Here are some great ideas for what to do when you turn off the TV and focus on your family.

5. Spend the evening together
Our family has had a great experience over the years with setting aside one night each week for the family and only the family. Learn how many families around the world are getting the benefit from the family night concept, and what you can do to make family night work for your family. 

6. Grow a garden
It’s outside and you get your hands dirty! What can be better than that for a great dad-child activity? Explore the world of gardening and find ways to involve your children in this interesting and positive activity. 

7. Eat together
So many families struggle to find time to interact. Many families have found one key to more time together—planning mealtimes for family involvement and commitment. Here are some ways to make mealtime a together time. 

8. Help with homework
At our house, we have two teen sons left at home, and it seems like most of my hours after work are consumed with homework. Find some great resources and tips for being a top flight homework helper.

9. Enjoy the cold weather 
Even during the winter months, there are things dads and kids can do together. Check out some great ideas for fun outside in the cold, or inside around the table in wintertime.

10. Hit the road 
Consider loading your family up for a road trip. While time cooped up in car is not considered quality time by some, it can create great memories and a chance to talk and interact in a different and enjoyable activity.


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