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Go Retro Today

Kids love to hear stories of your childhood, so why not go back in time together and relive some of the fun? Even if you didn’t have a particularly active childhood, having children of your own is a great excuse for playing like a child right now. Spend every night of Spring Break on a new game, or choose one night a week all year ‘round for good old-fashioned fun. Take a trip in the way-back machine with these ideas that get you moving and teach healthy competitive practices.

Hula Hoop  
Give points for the longest lasting hoop-swinging and style, plus extra points for one-arm and one-leg swirling.

Simon Says
As “Simon” add challenges like push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks.

Hide ‘n Seek 
Add a time limit for hiding and for seeking to make the game move quickly.

Sack Races 
Shorten the distance but add obstacles.

Hopping/Skipping Races
Gradually increase distance while challenging contestants to keep the same time for each heat.

Sock-hop Dance
Pick a musical genre for the night and encourage everyone to dress for the music. Don’t know how to dance? Rent a DVD and learn together!

Roller Skating
Take everyone to the rink and have fun!

Make every other game an “opposite hand” game where serves and volleys must be played with the less dominant arm and hand.

Take everyone to the alley and split into teams.

Jumping Rope 
Trot out your best jumping songs and teach everyone to double-dutch.

This physical game of balance also teaches children how to listen to directions.

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