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2 Legs + 4 Legs = GR8 Activity

Dogs are pack animals that behave even better when they’re well integrated into your family unit. Sure, dogs are a source of protection and joy, but they can also play an important role in varying your family’s fitness activities. If your dog isn’t accustomed to being out and about with the family, don’t be discouraged if he is a bit unruly at first. All it takes is time and patience – incorporating one or two of our tips a week – to transform your ball of fur into the focal point of your family’s fitness fun.

Leash up and walk for a cause
Research local pet-friendly fundraising walks or fun runs and sign up the whole family. Not only will be you be spending time together as you exercise, you’ll be socializing your dog AND supporting a community cause. Many towns have pet parades too – join in the fun and show off your family’s creativity as you walk the route.

Walk the walk

Take turns walking the dog around the block every day, giving older children the independence they crave with this responsibility. Even if you have a fenced yard, walk your dog daily. And if you walk your children to or from school, take the dog with you. At least once a week, if not daily, make walking the dog a family affair, gradually increasing the distance you walk – and your fitness.

Spend time at a dog park
First, be sure your dog gets along well with other dogs by walking him in the neighborhood and allowing him to greet other friendly dogs. Then, take the family – and the dog of course – for a few hours at the local dog park. Take turns playing fetch with him, running with him and helping him further socialize with other dogs. If possible, make the most of the activity by walking to and from the park too.

Take the dog on a family picnic
Find a dog-friendly park and pack up a picnic for the entire 2- and 4-legged family. Include healthy snacks like fruit, veggie sticks and mixed nuts for the humans, and a couple of treats for Fido too. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water for everyone, and a bowl for the dog. Take along a bag of active toys like balls and Frisbees and keep everyone moving.

Make it a wet and wild time
Whether you all go to the beach, a river or a lake, find a pet-friendly spot and take your dog (and his water bowl) with you. Can’t leave home? Put the kids in their bathing suits and turn on the sprinkler. If you don’t have a fenced yard, be sure to keep your dog on a long leash so he can join in the wet fun safely.

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