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Turn two-wheeling into free-wheeling fun

The wind blows on your face, the world whooshes by, and you get exercise all at the
same time. Riding bikes can be a family activity – or a solitary one. The beauty is
that you go at your own pace, and you get somewhere in the end! Start your children
off at a young age and bike riding will become a lifetime skill they can take with
them anywhere. Review these simple tips for safer riding, together or alone.

•  Wear a helmet every time, no matter how short the ride and no matter how old
   you are. Choose helmets that meet Consumer Product Safety Commission

•  Your helmet should remain level on your head, not tipped forward or back. Keep
   the strap securely fastened so the helmet doesn’t shift in any direction. Use
   helmet sizing pads to improve the fit.

•  Try to use bike lanes or designated bike routes; don’t ride on the sidewalk.

•  Stop at all stop signs and obey all traffic lights, just as cars do. Be especially
   careful at intersections and yield to pedestrians.

•  Ride in the same direction as cars; never ride against traffic.

•  Watch traffic closely and be aware of cars turning or leaving parking lots and

•  Don’t ride too close to parked cars because doors can open suddenly.

•  Always walk your bike across busy intersections and stay in the crosswalk.
   Follow the same rules for crossing as you would when you walk.

•  If you ride with others, always ride single file on the street. Riding side by side is
   dangerous for bicyclists and cars.

•  Always pass to the left and call out, “On your left!” so the other riders will know
   you’re coming up behind them.

•  Never share the seat or ride on the handlebars. A bike is a one-person vehicle.

•  Avoid riding when visibility is poor. If you must ride at dusk or dawn, be sure your
   bike is equipped with reflectors or a headlight and back flashing light.

•  Never wear headphones or use a cell phone while biking. Pay attention to the
   road and the sounds around you.

•  Look before you change lanes or turn and use your left arm for all hand signals.

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