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Family Fun

Swim Golf

Just like classic golf, you can play Swim Golf alone, one-on-one against others
or in teams. But unlike golf, this game improves swimming skills and keeps the
whole family cool.

Swim Golf is a fun workout technique that improves your distance per swim
stroke. The best swimmers cover the most distance per stroke because they have
powerful arm pulls, streamlined body positions and effective kicks. Swim Golf
strengthens arms, encourages a more streamlined body position, and pushes you
to work harder in a competitive environment.

Tee off:
Time how long it takes to swim 50 yards (or two lengths of the pool you’re in) at a
moderate pace. Also keep count of the number of strokes taken with each arm.

Score: Activity Ideas
Add the two numbers together. For example, if it takes 60 seconds to swim the
total distance and takes 60 strokes, you have a score of 120.

Tee off again:
Repeat the 50-yard swim seven more times, with a 20 second rest between
“holes” and keeping score on each set. Try to improve your score with each
interval by swimming faster without taking additional strokes, or taking fewer
strokes at the same speed. Focus on using more power in your arms to increase
your stroking distance, using your legs to kick effectively, and keeping your body
position streamlined to reduce drag

Team play:
Alternate laps with a teammate and keep a running total score. Combine adults
and children on teams and encourage everyone to help improve each other’s

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