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Family Fun

Round ‘em up for a rodeo!

A bike rodeo, that is. You don’t have to be a cowboy to earn prizes in these
events – all you need is a bicycle and a winning attitude. Bike rodeos aren’t just
for kids either; make it a community event and compete against other families
or pit children against adults. Even if you make a strictly family affair, you’re all
gonna get a great workout and have a heap of fun! Oh, and be sure to trade in
your Stetsons for bike helmets, podnah.

Before you begin, gather the items listed below and find a safe paved driveway
or parking lot you can rope off as your rodeo grounds. If you award prizes, stay
with the western theme and hand out sheriff badges, bandanas, work gloves, rope
belts and horse shoes gathered from a resale shop or toy store.

You’ll need:
• Bikes and helmets
• Hula hoops
• Small stools
• Chalk
• Stopwatch
• Balloons
• Newspaper
• Water pistols
• Ping-pong balls
• Plastic water or soda bottles half-filled with sand

Barrel Race: Riders take their bikes in a cloverleaf pattern, around three plastic
soda bottles. Points are awarded for riding closest to the bottles without knocking
them down and the number of times each rider goes through the pattern in the set

Bronco Ride: Instead of riding a bucking bronco, contestants ride over ramps,
through holes (if possible) and navigate tight turns without stopping or taking their
feet off the bike pedals. The fastest time through the course wins.
Calf Roping: Riders follow a chalked course, pausing at a certain point to plant
their feet on the ground straddling the bike, pick up a hula hoop and use it to
“rope” a stool before peddling again to the finish line. The fastest rider who
successfully “ropes the calf” wins. If you have two stools and hoops, this can be
set up as a head-to-head race.

Pop-pop: Tape small round inflated balloons to sheets of newspaper and create a
path of balloons along the rodeo route (you may have to anchor the newspapers
with small stones). Riders attempt to pop as many balloons as possible in a given
time before crossing the finish line.

Quick Draw: Place three empty soda bottles with a ping-pong ball resting on the
mouth of each along the rider’s course. Give each rider a water pistol. Points are
awarded for each ping-pong ball shot off the bottles and the fastest time to the
finish line.

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