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Family Fun

Marble Madness

Turn the classic small game of marbles into a hugely good time by “supersizing”
the marbles.

You’ll need:
  • A long rope or chalk
  • A variety of balls, in a range of sizes
    Gather soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, croquet balls, beach balls,
    volleyballs, tennis balls

How to play:
  • Make a large circle with the rope or draw a large circle with chalk
  • Spread out the balls inside the circle
  • Select one ball as the shooter ball; a basketball or soccer ball works well
  • Players stand 10 feet from the edge of the circle.
    Each player takes his/her turn rolling the shooter into the circle, attempting to
    knock out as many balls as possible from the circle – without the shooter ball
    going outside the circle too.
    After each successful turn, the player may go again. However, if the shooter
    ball goes outside the circle, or if no balls are knocked out, the next player
    takes a turn.
  • Players keep the balls that they knock out of the circle and each one is counted
    in the final score.
  • The player with the most knocked out balls wins

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