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Family Fun

Get Out!

A lifetime of good health is about staying active and enjoying regular exercise. Did you ever notice that the fittest people you know find excuses to be on their feet, not sitting down? Fall weather makes being outside more pleasant – and gives you and your family a great excuse to be active on weekends. So get out and get going!

Mix up your activities and have fun as a family getting and staying fit. Look for opportunities to go on “mini vacations” to area parks for:

  • Hiking                • Climbing
  • Biking                • Skiing
  • Rollerblading     • Canoeing
  • Jogging             • Backpacking
  • Swimming         • Walking the dog
  • Rafting              • Trail walking

Organize outdoor family games and sports
Sports and games are designed to be fun – not filled with rules. It’s up to you to turn sports into a joy that anyone and everyone can play, even in your own backyard or playground. Try taking one child at a time to play on a tennis court; make it OK to just lob or throw a ball back and forth over the net. Or encourage your kids to teach you their favorite game – from basketball to soccer to baseball or one they make up on the spot. The only rule? Everyone must get sweaty and have fun!

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