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Family Fun

Spice Up Your Holiday Photos

Who says annual holiday pictures mean everyone comes to a standstill? Showcase your family’s active lifestyle with fun shots that challenge everyone to move! We’ve got a few ideas on how to send a holiday greeting that truly reflects your family’s fast-paced style.

For a collage:
Whenever your children participate in sports and activities, play outside and get silly throughout the year, take snapshots with the holidays in mind:
   • Ask them to pose in an action shot – in uniform and with equipment
   • Include best friends who make their lives more fun
   • Don’t worry about dirty clothes and messy hair: That’s what active kids look like

When you take family trips or play/exercise together:
   • Ask someone to take a few group shots of you in action
   • Focus on a single aspect of the activity, like a football, jump rope or running shoe
   • Shoot pictures of the kids – and you – jumping, climbing, running and walking

During quieter times:
   • Include a few shots of the kids studying
   • Take pictures of family meals – especially the healthy dishes you all enjoy
   • Show how your kids care for and play with family pets

For a single group shot:
Get creative, fun and spontaneous. If you’re going to show the world a single image of your family, capture genuine, happy expressions that reflect who you are as a team.
   • Take a shot of the family walking together, hiking, dancing, or jumping in the air
   • Show what family game night is like when you’re all playing hopscotch or Twister
   • Vary the angle of your shot. Consider shooting up from the floor or down from
     a ladder as everyone laughs
   • Vary the levels of the people in the shot – placing some up high and others
     down low
   • Add props like sports equipment, musical instruments, furniture, barbells –
     whatever your family is interested in

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