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Family Fun

Don’t Let Size Ruin Family Fun

You’d be hard pressed to find a family where everyone has the same height, weight and athletic ability – but you can still find activities that almost everyone can do together. Try to weave one of these into your next family fun day.

Rock or Wall Climbing
You use your legs to push you up the wall, not your arms, so even if you’re heavy you can get into this growing sport. Look for a wall at an indoor gym or where professionals can provide instruction and tips for everyone – and where thick pads line the floor! Beginning climbing walls are at a slight slant, similar to a ladder, and you climb with a top rope tied to an anchor at the top of the wall. Little kids are natural climbers; adults may let fear hinder them at first. But rock climbing strengthens arms, back, legs and core muscles and provides a sense of accomplishment!

Horseback Riding
Tone abs and back, plus improve posture and balance, as you feel the wind in your face and the power of a muscular animal beneath you. Horse sizes vary as greatly as human sizes and professional trail bosses and riding instructors know just how to match them up. Plus it’s just plain fun to pretend your family is one big posse.

When you head to the beach, look for a surfing school and take a lesson together. If the water’s cold, rent wetsuits (which also help you float) as well as long boards. You’ll be paddling most of the time – working arms, abs, chest and back – and just think of the joy you’ll have when you get up on your feet and ride a wave!

It begins and ends with a nice walk to and from the water and centers on a relaxing time together. Add in some isometric ab work if you’re sitting on a dock or in a boat. Fly fishing works the back, shoulders, arms and legs.

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