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Family Fun

Step Up to the Challenge

Staircases can take your family to new levels of fitness. These games are fun, physical and don’t require any special equipment. Plus, almost anyone can participate.

Find the stairs
•  Wherever you go throughout the day, challenge your family to find and climb
   every stairway they can. The person who scales the most stairways, even
   if it is only one step, wins!  
•  Curbs, doorways, and stepping up into the car can count, too. Walk around
   the mall, the school, or your neighborhood to discover how many places
   have stairs.
•  Count escalators only if you walk up or down as they move.

Count the steps
•  Select a timeframe for this game – from 10 minutes to an hour to a whole day.
•  Each member of the family counts how many steps they went up or down in that
   period and keeps a log of the count.
•  Get older kids to help the little ones keep count.
•  Challenge the family to a whole week of step-tracking and keep a tally board
   at home.
•  The person who tackles the most stairs in the set time wins.

Up and back – again and again
•  Lace up your sneakers for a stair-climbing race!
•  Find a long set of stairs and stand at the bottom.
•  Race up and down – once, twice or more.
•  Race individually, group ages together or create teams to make it a relay.
•  Want to make it harder? Do a set going up the stairs backwards!
•  Race next to handrails to stay safe.

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