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Family Fun

You’ve got the beat

Dancing is terrific exercise for just about everyone. When you keep your body and feet moving to the beat, you may not even notice how long you’ve been working out!

Add dancing to your family’s activities and let the music carry you away to improved fitness – and fun!

Throw a dance party.
   • Create a weekly dance party with just your family – or invite friends to join
      in the fun.
   • Add a new song each week to keep the party fresh.

Use a variety of music.

   • Expand your family’s music appreciation beyond their everyday world.
   • Let family members vote for their favorite songs.  
   • Fit Latin, ballroom, or show tunes into your mix.  
   • Download cardio workout mixes.
   • Rent CDs and DVDs from the library to find the music that moves you.

Keep it going.
   • Dance for at least an hour for best cardio results.
   • Can’t set aside an hour? Fit in 10 to 15 minute dance breaks throughout the day.
   • When you watch old musicals on TV, get up and dance.

Encourage young children to bust a move.
   • Rhymes and music are the best hook for younger children.
   • Use songs they already know to start the session.
   • Make up your own silly tunes to rhymes they know.
   • Have kids find a jingle on TV and make up a dance to go with it.

No matter the type of music, encourage teens to dance with their friends too.
   • You may want to preview the music for words you don’t want younger ones
      to hear.
   • Top dance beat artists include:
      Kelly Clarkson
      Lady Gaga
      Britney Spears
      Selena Gomez

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