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Family Fun

Find Fitness and Fun in an Active Scavenger Hunt

Instead of looking only for objects in your next scavenger hunt, add in a search for activities that keep everyone moving.

In an Active Scavenger Hunt, your family seeks physical fun instead of objects. The game is easy to organize and adaptable for every age and ability.

Set the goals
Ask your family to help create a list of 25 activities.

Start with everyday activities inside the house
• Drinking water
• Exercising to a DVD
• Touching 3 items on the highest shelf
• Vacuuming, dusting or sweeping
• Gathering the garbage from every room

Add activities outside and close by
• Walking the dog
• Climbing a tree or jungle gym
• Throwing a ball at a target and running to bring it back
• Climbing stairs
• Getting the mail
• Weeding the garden
• Washing the car
• Raking leaves
• Shoveling the walk or driveway

Play the game
Give everyone a copy of the list. The winner is the person who completes the most activities or who finishes the list first.
• Set the time limit for an hour, two hours – or a whole day.
• Vary the number of activities needed to win based on age and ability.
• Consider pairing family members into teams.

Create a digital photo album of each game.
• Take pictures while the smiles are bright.
• Be sure to add the date to every picture.
• Create a slide show to review your success.

Hold an Active Scavenger Hunt when you travel, adding activities unique to where you go.
• Swing on a rope
• Hike a nature trail
• Swim the length of a pool
• Ski or sled
• Build a sand castle

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