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Family Fun

Family Workouts Equal Family Unity

Use planning, creativity, and fun to work out as a family. Exercise together and see the benefits in more than just physical health.

Use kid-friendly exercise equipment
• Ride your bike with a kid trailer for a more intense workout.
• Jump rope together.
• Strap your baby to your front or back and take a walk together.
• Use a jogging stroller for little ones.
• Ask the older ones to push the stroller while you jog.

Take an exercise class together
• Parent-child yoga classes can help create a peaceful body and mind.
• Sign up for kickboxing, karate, and other active sports for pre-teens.
• Take a swimming class with your baby. If your teens are on a swim team, swim
   laps while you wait for them to finish their workout.

Squeeze in 10 minutes of family activity before school and dinner
• Encourage the early risers to join in a 10-minute stretching routine.
• While dinner is in the oven, lead your family in a 10-minute aerobic workout.
• Ask family members to teach everyone a favorite move they learned.

Use the TV to focus the family on fitness
• Pop in a fitness DVD instead of a movie – or as a 15-minute “preview”
   to movie night.
• Tune in an exercise show and try some new moves.
• Move like the characters on an action show instead of just sitting and watching
   them exercise!

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