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Family Fun

Remember April is Month of the Military Child. Enjoy this fun activity with the children you know!

The Mail Drop Game
This game clears the clutter at home and in the neighborhood, keeps everyone active AND helps the environment. Win, win, win! In many states, recyclables can be redeemed for cash; then you can spend the funds on a family treat. 

• Clean empty plastic or paper bags
• Tape
• String
• Used mailing envelopes
• Marking pens
• Large boxes or plastic bins
• Work gloves for everyone

Create recycling bins at home:
• Mark boxes or bins with names of recyclables
    – Paper, including:
• Newspaper
• Scrap paper
• Cardboard
   –  Aluminum Cans
   – Plastic bottles and recyclable plastic
   – Glass bottles
• Find community recycling bins by walking around the neighborhood
• Research which area recycling centers give cash for cans, bottles and paper

Make the game an opportunity for kids to learn why recycling is important by teaching them what can be made from items they gather:
• Newspaper: clothes hangers, new paper
• Scrap Paper: gift wrap, new paper
• Cardboard: furniture, weed control or mulch liners
• Aluminum cans: auto parts, new cans
• Plastic bottles: park benches, pens, sneakers
• Glass: pavement and road beds

• Give each person an envelope
   – Each family member writes or draws a picture of a recyclable item in the return
      address area
   – Each family member addresses the envelope to him/herself
• Trade envelopes within the family
• Search for the recyclable on the envelope
   – Go room by room, individually or in pairs
   – Walk the neighborhood to collect items
• Wear gloves to protect hands
   – Each person should fill a large plastic bag with the item in the return address area
• Cardboard and newspaper can be tied with string

Deliver the goods:
• The “seeker” delivers items to the addressee on the envelope
• Addressees bring items to recycle bins in your home
• As a family, bring the collected items to neighborhood bins or recycling centers

Repeat regularly:
• Switch envelopes and play again weekly or monthly
• Adding walking, running, skipping or hopping to the delivery phase
   – Walk only with glass

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