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Celebrate the Month of the Military Child

We salute all parents and their children in this Month of the Military Child. Former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger established this special celebration to emphasize the important role children play in the Armed Forces community. Look for events planned in your area and celebrate the children in your life.  

There are currently more than 1.2 million children in military families. Since 2001, approximately 2 million children have watched at least one parent deploy. Because caring for military children sustains our fighting force and strengthens the health, security, and safety of our nation’s families and communities, we encourage military families to enjoy time with the children in their lives in fun and interactive ways, especially during the Month of the Military Child. Look for some of these special events near you.

Fun Runs
•  Facilities in Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Texas, Alaska, Massachusetts and more
   are planning fun runs specifically for the Military Child and their families.
•  19 May is the Armed Forces America’s Kids Run – check with your local USAF
   Youth Programs to see what is happening in your neighborhood. 

Family Walk ‘n’ Talk
•  Enjoy walking from station to station talking about a variety of engaging topics
   designed to bring you closer as a family.

Block Party
• Dance away the afternoon or evening while celebrating your children’s lives.

Shop with the Family
• Let your child show off their nutrition knowledge at special shopping days
• Some base commissary vendors are planning a month packed with fun
   and goodies. Youngsters may receive gifts from industry partners –
   including basketball hoop sets for toddlers and popular electronic
   gaming systems.

4-H Programs celebrate the Military Child
•  4-H National Headquarters provides information to connect military youth to
   4-H programs in their hometowns.
•  4-H camps, sleepovers, and educational programs are being geared to military
   children this month.
•  Purple Up! For Military Kids – April 13, everyone is encouraged to wear purple
   in support of military children around the world!

Boys & Girls Clubs
• Through funds provided by the Armed Services, military youths have access
   to a one-year, no-cost membership at a traditional Club.

Read to your child
• Pick up a book at your pediatrician’s office donated by KinderCare® early learning
   programs. The company has donated 10,000 books at 50 military bases and
   hospitals around the U.S. in honor of “Month of the Military Child.”

Tell your children how important they are
• Awards and certificates are offered by state governors and private companies
       Print a declaration from your state governor for the Month of the Military Child
       and hang it on your children’s wall.
       Blue Star Families and Operation Appreciation provide military families and
       service members the opportunity to recognize their outstanding military children
       through Outstanding Military Child/Teen Award Certificates. Every military child
       is eligible for this award, presented to them by a parent or guardian.

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