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Family Fun

Look beyond the finish line

As part of Armed Forces Day activities in May, military dependants participate in America’s Kids Run. Enter the event this year, then continue to train with the family for next year’s event. Make fitness your family’s goal!

The America’s Kids Run can be the start of a fun tradition of racing as a family. Walk, jog, run or bike: You’re sure to find events in the area that fit everyone in the group. Enter a race once a month or once a year, and keep training as individuals and as a family in between.

Find potential races
• Look in your local paper or online
• Talk to specialty shops (bicycles, fitness gear)
• Check with the base Adult Fitness Center or HAWC

Set a goal that works for each person
• Pick a distance goal for each family member: One mile, 5K or 10K

Create a training plan
• Set up a course in your neighborhood to track your improvement
• Train at a longer distance than the race you are planning to enter

Keep the goal as fun and fitness, not only speed
• Encourage everyone to go at their own pace
• Build confidence by meeting or exceeding small distance or speed goals

Pick a race that includes everyone
• Some races allow jogging strollers and pets
• Walk/jog races are common

Make it fun
• Take time before the race begins to talk, play around, and enjoy your time together
• Many races have an after-party with food, drinks and/or live entertainment – attend
   as a family

Make it meaningful
• Join in raising money for the race charity

Celebrate your accomplishments
• Create a photo album of your family at the finish lines
• Make a poster with goals and completion dates
• Give each person a ribbon for entering/finishing a race

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