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Family Fun

Ride and Run

This fun game provides two kinds of workouts – biking and running – and can be played with two or more people.

“Ride and Run” as a race or just for a fun workout. Create teams to compete against each other, or play with two or more people and share one bike.

1. Walk together as partners and create the course in advance
•  Look for at least 5 spots that have a safe place to lock the bike
•  Choose a beginning mark plus 3 spots and a finish line
       Beginning and finish can be the same spot
•  Lock-up spots should be at least ¼ mile apart
•  Make distances shorter for children under 8 years old

2. Runner and rider meet at the beginning mark with the bike

3. The first runner starts 2 or 3 minutes before the first rider

How to involve the whole family
•  Replace the bike with a skateboard
•  Power walk instead of run
•  Walkers can carry weights with them to add cardio workout
       Stash weights on the bike if your partner does not want to use them
•  Non-participating family members can cheer from lock spots

Remember: Safety First
•  Use helmets and good footwear
       Use pads when skateboarding
•  Use a combination lock with a cable to secure the bike
•  Check that your bike seat is adjusted to accommodate both riders
•  Have water available for both partners
       Carry water bottles on the bike
       Have water at beginning and end of course
•  Chose a course that does not cross traffic
•  Follow rules of the bike path or sidewalk

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