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Family Fun

Stars and Stripes:
Color Family Activities Red, White and Blue

Use Old Glory to track activities and encourage exercise.

Turn the American flag into a symbol of your family’s freedom to be active! 

Set up the game:
• Draw a flag on a large piece of paper
• Gather 3 paper bags to hold activity notes. Label the bags:
      White stars
      Blue stars
• Write active chores on 13 notes and place them in the Stripes bag. Sample chores:  
      wash the car
      pull weeds
      wash the dog
• Write exercises on 25 notes and place in one of the Stars bags. Sample exercises:
      10 sit-ups
      20 sit-ups
      50 sit-ups
      5 push-ups
      25 push-ups
      20 jumping jacks
      100 jumping jacks
• Write timed exercises on 25 notes and place in second Stars bag. Examples include:
      jog in place for 10 minutes
      walk briskly for 20 minutes
      ride a bike for 30 minutes
      jump rope for 5 minutes

Play the game

• Set a goal for finishing the flag – one week, two weeks, even a month. It all depends on the size of your family and how busy you are
• Consider designating a specific hour one day a week to gather, pull notes from a bag, and get active
• When each person completes a task or exercise, have them color in or write their name on the star or stripe that corresponds to the activity
• Once a flag is completed, draw another one and start again!

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