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Family Fun

Badminton: Good For Family Fun!

Badminton became an Olympic sport in 1992. For anyone who’s played a competitive game in the back yard, you know it can be a challenging, physical event. Haven’t played? FitFamilies shows you how to set up badminton court almost anywhere.

Tune to the 2012 Olympics and see badminton at its best. Then set up a court of your own and improve your family’s reflexes, hand/eye coordination and endurance. Those mad skills just might earn you or someone you know a place on the 2016 US Olympic Team!

• Early versions of the game came from India
• 1873: England’s Duke of Beaufort brought the sport home to Badminton House
• 1899: Championship games began in England
• 1972: Olympic Games in Munich featured badminton as a demonstration sport
• 1992: Olympic Games in Barcelona included men’s and women’s singles and
• 1996: The mixed doubles event made its debut at the Atlanta Olympic Games
• 1992 to 2008: Asian countries won 69 of the 76 medals available in Olympic
• 2012: Anticipating the first American to win a medal in badminton

Get set for badminton at home
The Right Stuff
You can purchase a complete set of badminton equipment for under $30 at most retailers or even less at second-hand stores
• Net: The net is made of fine cord, dark in color and of an even thickness, with
  a mesh
      Regulation nets are 30” deep by 21’ wide
      Economy nets may be 24” by 20’
• Posts: The posts are used to hold the net in place
      Use trees if you don’t have step in posts
• Racket: The instrument used by players to hit the shuttlecock or birdie
      New or restrung, these are the most essential piece of equipment to have
• Birdie or Shuttlecock: A rounded piece of covered cork or plastic with
  16 feathers attached to one end
      Birdies are made of natural or synthetic materials
      Corks covered in goat skin with goose feathers are used in competition

Set up the Court
• Mark out a 20’ by 44’ rectangle
      Use flour to create boundary lines for temporary courts
      Use yard paint on your own lawn
      Narrow the court to 17’ if you only plan on playing singles games
      Shorten the court if space is limited
• Attach net to posts with rope
      Set the top center of the net at 5’ high for adults
      Net may be lowered to 3’ when small children play

Play the Game
• Choose teams and sides
      Singles or teams can play in a round robin
      Loser gives up their spot to the next player
• Toss a coin to see who serves or receives first
      Winner of the toss gets to choose to serve or receive
• Serve from the right side of the court diagonally across the net
      Serve underhand only
      Count scored points for your side only on your serve
      Gain control of the serve by “winning” the point
• Win points in many ways
      Birdie lands on your opponents’ side (they missed the birdie hit to them)
      Your opponent hits the birdie out of your court
      Your opponent hits the birdie into the net
      Your opponents hit the birdie with their body or clothes
      Your opponents hit the birdie before it crosses the net to their side
• Win the game by scoring 15 points
• Win two out of three games to win the match

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