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Family Fun

Air Ball

Keep the ball in the air and the fun in the family! Everyone will hoot, holler and move in this game where the object is to never let a ball touch the ground.

Less competitive than dodge ball, more engaging than kick ball, Air Ball is perfect for the whole family. Play with one or more balls, and see how long you can go before one touches the ground.

1-5 beach balls
If all the balls look the same, mark them with duct tape or permanent markers to make each unique

Playing area
Try to have at least 20’ x 20’ for every 2 players

Agree on boundaries in advance, for example:
•  4 trees as the corner markers
•  Stay inside a patch of grass
•  Play on one side of a volleyball or tennis court

Set the Rules
Individuals or teams

•  Each person is given a ball
•  Everyone plays on the same area
•  Players use any part of their body to keep their ball in the air
•  When players let the ball drop they receive a point
•  Going out of bounds adds a point
•  No one may simply hold the ball
•  After 10 minutes of play the person with the fewest points wins

•  Form teams of 2-5 players
•  Designate a playing area for each team
•  Teams have the same number of balls as they have players,
    or have one ball more than the number of players on the team
•  2 players = 2-3 balls
•  3 players = 3-4 balls
•  Players may use any part of their body to keep the balls in the air
•  When a player lets the ball drop the team receives a point
•  Going out of bounds adds a point
•  No holding or throwing the ball to/at each other
•  After 10 minutes of play the team with the least points wins

Use balloons if no balls are available

•  Balloons are better for indoor play because they pollute
   the environment if they fly away
Count the number of times the ball is touched before it hits the ground.
The highest number of touches wins

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