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Family Fun

September is
Outdoor Adventure Month.
Let’s Go Hiking!

Hike for an hour or a day, in the mountains, in a field, or in your neighborhood. Fresh air and exercise with views will leave everyone refreshed and renewed.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures by staying safe. Teach kids how to use hiking tools like a compass and a map, and encourage them to “hike with a purpose” with open eyes, keen ears and a sense of wonder.

Hiking Safety Basics
•   Always tell someone where you are going and when you will return
•   Begin by walking slowly to warm up your muscles
•   Never hike alone or at night
•   Use the buddy system
•   Dress properly for the weather and environment
•   Wear sun and insect protection
•   Take an extra pair of socks in case you need to change
•   Obey traffic signs and signals
•   Stay on the trail, sidewalk, or side of the road
•   Walk facing oncoming traffic if you must walk on the road
•   Be alert to your surroundings
•   Watch for weather changes
•   Watch for dangerous animals, insects, and plants
•   Never touch a wild animal
•   Carry 1 pint of water for each hour you will be hiking
•   Never drink untreated water
•   Don’t litter as you hike

Use Hiking Tools
•   Compass
•   Learn to read a compass for north
•   Orient your position during your stops
•   Global Positioning System
•   Know how GPS works
•   If possible carry GPS with you to identify your location and your destination
•   Maps
•   Mark a map with your planned route
•   Carry the map with you and note landmarks

Hikes With Purpose

•   Nature Hike
•   Identify five different trees
•   Identify five different birds
•   Identify three poisonous plants
•   Neighborhood Hike
•   Identify closest and farthest bus stops
•   Identify police station
•   Identify hospital or medical clinic
•   Historical Hike
•   Look for the oldest home on the route
•   Look for oldest tree on the route
•   Look for oldest sign on the route
•   Stop-Look-and-Listen Hike
•   Stop periodically and identify sights and sounds around you
•   Stop every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or hour
•   Keep track to compare different sights and sounds

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