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Jui Jitsu: Family Fun and Fitness

All shapes and sizes compete against each other in this sport – and animal warm-up exercises make it fun for all ages. The main benefits: Confidence and self-control.

You can learn Jui Jitsu in many gyms, and at base and community centers. You’ll also find it as part of some anti-bullying programs in schools. Take classes as a family and discover your inner strength.

Defining Jiu Jitsu
•  A type of martial art from Japan and adapted in Brazil
•  Employs the principle of using an attacker’s energy against him,
   rather than directly opposing it
•  Close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent
•  No weapons – or only a short weapon – is ever used
•  Practiced in both traditional and modern sport forms
•  Judo
•  Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
•  Sports Jiu Jitsu
•  Mixed Martial Arts

Benefits of Mastering Jiu Jitsu
•  Builds confidence and self-control
•  Teaches how to defend yourself verbally and physically through:
•  Physical self-defense skills on how to defend yourself without
   getting hurt, and how to defend yourself without seriously hurting
   your attacker
•  Skills on evading a situation
•  Skills on controlling your attacker

Games and Skill-builders

Animal movements: Race one-on-one or in teams, through a
course or around objects
•  Alligator Crawl
•  Crawl forward and backward on the belly with hands and legs close to body
•  Move using hands and feet one at a time
•  Gorilla Walk
•  Stand bent over with hands nearly touching the ground
•  Walk while touching knuckles to ground
•  Leap Frog
•  Crouch with hands on ground in front of feet
•  Raise hands then jump forward

Rolling: Fun one-on-one wrestling sessions
•  The goal: To pin your opponent
•  Set time limits for each match
•  Smaller people learn to be quick, agile, and nimble
•  Larger people learn to be strong, driven and tough

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