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Family Fun

Flamingo, Frog, Boat:
Yoga Poses to Share With Kids

These poses are so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising!

Give your children a lifetime of self-health, relaxation, and inner strength that will help them navigate life’s challenges with a bit more ease.

Yoga is a great family activity because it’s not competitive,
and age, size and strength aren’t factored in.

Try these beginning poses and you may find you really are a yoga family.
•   In general, hold poses for at least 15 seconds, working up to a minute
•   You’ll help active, energetic children learn to hold still as they concentrate
     on the poses
•   Encourage movement and sound after the quiet phase
•   Start and end each session by sitting with your legs crossed, hands resting
    anywhere, and quietly listen to the rhythm of your breathing.

Downward-Facing Dog
One of the most well-known names among yoga poses, it strengthens the upper body while stretching the backs of your legs.

Begin on your hands and knees, with your knees underneath your hips
Press into your hands and feet
Straighten your legs and lift your pelvis into the air to make a large V shape
Hold the pose

Especially for kids:  
•   walk around in this pose
•   stick one leg in the air (Three-Legged Dog)
•   place your head on the floor

Family fun: See how many different dog sounds the kids can imitate as you all hold the pose


This balancing pose will strengthen the arms and core.  
Begin standing with your feet wide apart
Turn one foot out 90 degrees and slide the other foot back a bit.
Get balanced equally on your legs
Spread your arms wide
Using the same arm on the same side as the foot turned out 90 degrees.
Reach down over the leg.
Reach the other arm to the sky
Repeat on the other side
Family fun: Lead kids in an imagining or gently making the sound of a triangle ringing – ding, ding, ding – quietly as you all hold the pose

Stand with your feet at hip-width distance apart
Bend your knees
Squat down
Place your hands behind your feet
Rock your weight slightly forward and quickly pop up
Jump off your hands and feet

Family fun: Have the kids hop all around and throw in a few croaks and ribbits

This pose is great for balance as well as strengthening the legs and core
Stand with your feet together
Extend your arms out wide like wings
Fold forward at your waist and kick your left leg behind you
Squawk and flap your wings
Stay balanced on one foot
Switch legs after 15 seconds

Here’s another balancing pose that will strengthen your legs and encourage your spine to lengthen.

Stand with both feet together
Bend your right knee and place the sole of your foot on your left leg
•   use your hands to pull the right heel as high up on your inner thigh as possible
Press your palms together above your head

Family fun: Practice swaying your branches in the wind without blowing over

This is a great pose to tone your abs.
Sit on a mat on the floor
Bend your knees and balance on your bottom. Hold onto your big toes if possible
Once you feel stable, straighten your legs
Rock onto your back and then rock your boat back up
•   balance with your body in a letter V
•   hold the pose

Imagine you are on the ocean waves, rocking gently

A great stretch for your hamstrings and lower back

Sit on the floor with both legs straight out in front of you
Leading with your belly button, fold in half at your waist
•   rest your hands on your legs, ankles, or feet and hold

Family fun: Encourage kids to call out their favorite types of sandwiches

•   A wonderful final pose for relaxation.
•   Stretch out on your back on your mat or blanket
•   Close your eyes and let your body go limp
•   Let your breathing help you relax as it comes in and out like the
    waves on a beach

Play games with posesFreeze-Dance Yoga
Dance to upbeat tunes
When the music stops, the leader calls out a yoga pose
Everyone holds the pose like a statue
When music starts again, everyone dances

Kids’ Invention
Let each child make up a pose
Everyone else has to copy the inventor

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