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Family Fun

Take 3

Plan frequent 3-day getaways within 3 hours of home to help de-stress your life. For teens, getting away with the family CAN mean leaving friends for a few days – but it can also mean making new friends – with your family. 

Regular vacations, including long weekends, can boost your spirits and keep your family in a relaxed mood when you return.
•  Studies show the healthiest, happiest people take frequent vacation breaks
•   Regular time off from work reduces your chance of becoming ill or
    dying prematurely
•   Kids grow through the experience of travel
•   Take 4 short vacations in a year and you’ll have 4 times the fun
•   Plan a vacation in each season and get into nature’s cycles

Make planning part of the fun
•   Take a neighborhood family walk and brainstorm for locations for
    the next trip
•   Ask the kids to research the destination and suggest activities
    along the way or when there
•   Plan activities for the way home too!
•   Cut out pictures and leave them around the house to help build excitement
•   Plan the trip for a short drive of 3 hours or less to maximize the time away
    and minimize the stress of getting back home
•   Take the scenic drive there and back and extend the vacation

Cost cutters
•   Travel midweek or off-peak seasons for better rates
•   Camp out or stay with friends
•   Bring home-made snacks
•   Book hotels with refrigerators and cooking facilities

Maximize time away
•   Vacation at a spot where activities are in walking distance
•   Focus on finding a variety of sports and activities that everyone can enjoy
•   Have each family member choose an activity that everyone can participate in
•   Plan a “no electronics” day (or days)
•   Recap the day at dinner or in the evening
•   Play charades to act out the favorite part of the day
•   Create family legends through storytelling

Maintain memories
•   Take photos and create a slide show when you return
•   Shoot specific photos to be used as screensavers
•   Sketch or paint views, scenes and memorable events and post the
    artwork around your home
•   Plan a walk with friends when you return to tell trip tales

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