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Family Fun

Give of Yourself

his holiday, give the gift of movement. Offer an activity instead of something packaged from a store.Teach an active skill, go on a collection walk, or share your sports passion with your friends and family. No money is needed, and it’s healthy fun that a truly great gift.

Gifts of Time and Energy
Make a Shadow Box
Take a walk together and collect leaves, stones, sticks, pods and seeds.
Arrange objects in a cardboard box.
Glue objects to bottom of box so it can stand upright as a display.
Paint or glue decorations to the outside of box.
Use as décor in your home or give as a gift.

Share a Skill
Teach family and friends how to do your favorite activity
•   Gardening
•   Skateboarding
•   Diving
•   Dancing
•   Cooking/baking a favorite dish

Go to a shelter or day care center and be a coach/helper
•   Ping pong
•   Sprint races
•   Jumping rope
•   Playing games

Chore Swap
Exchange certificates with your family members to do their chores for a day
•   Ask them to teach you if you don’t know how to do a particular chore.

Teen Time
Teens, teach your family the basics of your favorite sport.
Focus on one skill you can teach everyone in an hour.
You get practice; they gain appreciation of your skills.

Dog Days
Take your (or your neighbor’s) dog for a walk and train it to walk better on a leash.
Teach the dog tricks like fetching or catching a ball or Frisbee.

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