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Family Fun

Round and Round We Go

Hula hoops have gone from simple child’s play to exercise darlings. But they’re still fun any way you shake ‘em. . The whole family can play games with lightweight hula hoops, or swing your way to fitness using new weighted hula hoops – burning more calories than step aerobics and raising your heart rate as much as cardio kickboxing!

Benefits of hooping it up
Weighted hula hoops, which range from 2 – 5 pounds and in a variety of diameters, provide a full-body, low impact workout
•  Core muscles get a workout along with glutes, thighs, hips, legs, knees and abdomen
•  The hula hooping motion improves spinal flexibility
•  Increase coordination and strength by using two or more hoops at a time
•  For shorter, more intense workouts, use smaller weighted hula hoops

Basic hula hoop action
Start with a lightweight plastic hula hoop, then progress to the weighted ones
•  Place the hula hoop around your waist, pressed against your back
•  Move your body back and forth, swinging your hips hula style to spin the hoop around your waist
•  Keep the hoop up as long as possible, increasing as you improve your skill and fitness
•  Work your legs by twirling weighted hula hoops around them
•  Lie on your back with legs in the air and spin large or small hoops
•  As the weighted hula hoops spin, transfer them between your legs
•  Twirl a hula hoop with your arms to tone your shoulders and forearms

These family games are a hoop!
Roll Away
Set a straight course at least 20’ long, marking the start and finish lines
•  Players line up with a hoop at the starting line and roll hoops to the finish line
•  Roll more than one hoop at a time
•  Roll to a partner at the finish line who then returns the hoop to the start line

Musical Jump the Hoop
Arrange several hula hoops in a circle on the ground, edges touching
•  Players stand inside the hoops
•  Start the music
•  Players jump from one hoop to the next in the circle
•  Stop the music and players must stop
•  Start the music and players must reverse the jumping pattern

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