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Family Fun

Jumping: As Natural as Walking

Enjoy freedom and fun on a trampoline. Mini trampolines (known as rebounders) and full-size backyard models are fun fitness workouts for the whole family. Plus, experts agree that trampoline exercise provides the most time and energy-efficient workout possible.

Trampoline exercise is aerobic, strengthening the heart and lungs.
Calories burn more efficiently during trampoline exercise and there is less stress on the body than with jogging, running, or jumping rope.
Jumping is easy for those with no particular athletic abilities or experience in sports.
Used as part of a cross-training program, trampolines can improve basic fitness as well as enhance skills and abilities required by almost every other sport.
NASA astronauts use trampoline exercises to counteract the effects of weightlessness.

Jump safely:
Place the trampoline on level ground, a safe distance from trees and other structures.
Never jump alone and always have spotters when small children jump.
Use safety nets and pads.
For larger models, install a trampoline enclosure, a special net that surrounds the equipment.
Cover the trampoline’s springs, hooks and frame with shock-absorbing pads.
Regularly check the equipment for tears and detachments

Small or large, both are fun:
Small rebounders are perfect for quiet time.
As small as 38” in diameter, they fit anywhere.
There are folding models for easy storage.
Children and adults can jump for hours without realizing they are getting a really good workout.
Excellent energy burner for “antsy” children and teens.

Leave large trampolines outside.
8’-15’ diameter models need plenty of space around them
Great for high-flying splits and other aerial tricks.
Use caution when 2 or more get on the trampoline:
Make sure your trampoline can handle the added stress.
Supervise children at all times on larger models.

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