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Family Fun

Use a shopping mall as your family’s
personal fitness center. 

You don’t need money to spend time at the mall focusing on fitness! The whole family can enjoy this active time together too, and the kids can bring friends along to make it even more fun.

Map Your Shape-up
Use a paper map of the mall to create a fitness route. Just ask for a map at the information booth or print one out from home. Be sure the map shows key landmarks and store names. Give one to everyone. 

Draw a simple shape in a bright color connecting stores, restrooms, sidewalks, and stairs or escalators. Use:

•  Hearts 
•   Diamonds
•   Words like MOM or POP

As a group, follow the pattern and mark the map as you go with a contrasting color
Walk, skip or hop your way along the path  
Add in stairs for a harder workout
Break into teams and race to finish the set path.

Parking Lot Spy
Park as far from the mall entrance as possible
Count cars as you walk quickly toward the entrance  
•   Stay on the sidewalks or out of driving areas to stay safe

Game variations:
•   Count only a certain color or model of car
•  Make a list of specific car models or colors to find and walk around the lot until you find it 

Stair Pairs
Avoid the elevator or escalator and use the stairs throughout the mall 
On less active staircases, go up and down sideways 
Stay in pairs for safety

Spend a Little, Get a Lot
Buy a bulky item and carry it around while you shop 
•  Large package of jumbo paper towels 
•  Bags of pet food 
•  2-pack of pillows 

Make it even more strenuous:
•  Carry full water bottles in each hand 
•  Push a stroller

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