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Family Fun

What Letter Are U? 

The whole family can reach out for fun with the Alphabet Stretch.

Stretching is a key element in healthy activity – especially after  workout. Learn to stretch more effectively with the Alphabet Stretch game – and have fun with everyone! Not only will your family giggle while stretching, small children will also have fun learning the letters. Get creative and make words or sentences while you stretch!

Standing letters
A: Arms held high, hands together over your head, legs wide apart
C: Arms in semi-circle to the side
E: Both arms straight out to the side, with one leg held parallel to your arms
F: Both arms straight out to the side
G: One arm curved over head, other arm out and bent back to body at elbow
I:  Stand straight with both arms down
K: Both arms on one side of body, one angled up the other angled down
M: Bend at waist with legs apart, clasp hands and stretch down in space between legs
T: Stretch both arms out shoulder height
Y: Stand with both legs together, stretch arms up and out

On the floor letters
B: Lay on side
Bend one leg, keep other straight and form circle
Stretch arms in front of body and create circle
L: Lay on back
Bring both legs together straight in the air
P: Lay on side (can also be done standing)
Stretch arms to side in circle
R: Lay on side
Stretch arms to side in circle
Keep one leg straight and one angled
V: Lay on back
Stretch arms overhead and raise chest
Stretch legs together and raise them

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